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Quick Tips - Table Extended Illustration

In the September 2016 issue, I read a lot of complaints about motorhomes not having enough counterspace. I did not see any real solutions, so I thought I would submit what I did to add counterspace. I constructed a simple addition to the dining table made from ¾-inch plywood, two 1-inch aluminum square channels and folding legs. We now have more room to eat, and we can also use the extra table space as a catchall and/or workstation.

Table extender made from 3/4 inch plywoodThe extension does need to be removed before travel and then put back in place when parked, but we’ve simply made those tasks a part of our routine.

Fred Ouellette | Waco, Texas




  1. Great idea. We have 32′ Holiday Rambler DP and knew we were giving up kitchen counter in order to get every other box checked on our want list owning a smaller rig. After years of owning long pulls and then Fivers we wanted to experience most State Parks and Natl Parks that have length restrictions. I’m a wood worker that just hadn’t come up with a plan like this I liked. I wanted to make a butcher block replacement table anyway. Thanks for a GREAT IDEA. THANKS FRED IN WACO


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