Chutes and a Ladder

Ladder Storage

I own a 40-foot American Eagle motorhome with a storage area that goes all the way across underneath the coach. I bought a folding ladder from Camping World (item No. 20319) that folds down to about 4 inches square. I wanted to be able to put the ladder in the storage area and get it out again without having to move everything off of it. My solution was to buy a 5-by-5-by-96-inch vinyl post cover at a building supply store. The post cover fits precisely across the storage compartment. The ladder slides in and out of the square post cover and is always easily accessible. I bought a second post cover for fishing rods to protect them from breaking when the cargo shifts in the storage area.

Bobby Watson | Rockwell, North Carolina



  1. I have a c-class motor home and the rear bumper is made to store the sewer hose. I do not use it for that purpose but it works great for storing long items like your ladder.

  2. We full timed in our 5th Wheel and we also used the rear bumper to store our fold up ladder instead of the sewer hose. The ladder travels well and takes up storage that would not otherwise be used as we found storing our sewer hose in the bumper just created holes in it. We stored our sewer hose near the holding tank valves, strapped under the coach in a PVC pipe with screw on stopper.


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