Charge It!

Battery Tender2

To keep the batteries charged in my 2003 Winnebago Journey, I purchased a Deltran Battery Tender designed to handle the dual 12-volt starting batteries in my diesel pusher. I then mounted the Battery Tender on the wall of a storage bay, which has a 120-volt AC outlet, and used the optional Deltran extension harness to reach the battery area.
Now, whenever I’m connected to shorepower, or use my generator, the engine batteries automatically charge.

Jim Rogers | Cottonwood, California



  1. Hi Jim,

    That’s a great product, but did you know that the Trickle-Start does the same thing? It takes up to 5a. from the house batteries to feed your chassis batteries when you are connected to shore power or on your generator (no 120v. required). I’ve used it for 5 years so far and it’s worked flawlesly.

  2. Re: Charge it! Quick Tip

    That’s odd. I thought it was common practice (as is the case on our 2013 Thor Tuscany) for the chassis batteries to be on float charge from the converter whilst on shore power or generator.


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