A Bigger Bin

Quick Tips - Trash Can Cover

My husband and I love our new Class B-plus 25-foot motorhome, but found the 6-quart trash can for the galley’s built-in countertop garbage chute did not meet our needs. To increase the trash capacity, my husband cut the top 3 inches off the plastic trash can, and I placed a tall kitchen garbage bag (13 gallons) through the trash can top and into the empty cabinet space below. The top of the bag gets folded over the trash can, which is then set in the counter opening, holding the bag in place.

We substantially increased our galley’s garbage capacity, utilizing the difficult-to-access space in the back corner of the cabinet. And, instead of discarding the cutoff bottom portion of the trash can, it fits nicely under the vanity in the bathroom.

Debbie Robinson | Manasquan, New Jersey



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