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[7] Wiring for powered shades can be tucked inside the valance.
[4] Cable ties are often used to keep the Learning Keys from hanging below the valance. [5] Clearview Solar Screen fabric day shades can easily be seen through from the interior yet still provide privacy. [6] Sway shades offer full coverage of raked cockpit windows.
[11] The new 15-channel remote (left) is smaller than the 14-channel unit (right) and has an LCD display. [12] The faceplate of the remote is removed to change the batteries.


Garmin RV 890 GPS

Garmin GPS for Motorhomes

Garmin’s new RV 890 GPS navigator offers a large 8-inch edge-to-edge display that can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode. The RV 890...
REDARC RedVision system

REDARC Launches RedVision Total Vehicle Management System

REDARC Corp. is excited to announce the launch of RedVision — a game-changing total vehicle management system that gives users an unprecedented level of...
Xantrex Charge Controllers

Solar Power for Your Motorhome

Xantrex has added two new lithium-ion compatible solar charge controllers to its energy-management solutions. The new 30A MPPT charge controller ($299) features dual bank...
Dometic DMC4101 Fridge

New Dometic 12-Volt RV Refrigerator

The new Dometic DMC4101 12-volt refrigerator is now available directly to consumers. The residential refrigerator is powered by a Dometic-designed 12-volt compressor that is...

Secure Your Motorhome Gear

Add another layer of security when storing gear outside, in your motorhome’s storage compartments, or at your residence with AnchorHog. The AnchorHog is a...