Let’s Have Some Quiet

After installing the doghouse insulation kit featured in the October
2001 issue, the noise reduction was so dramatic that a lot of other
rattles were audible. Most were from the cabinet doors. There are 24
cabinets doors, and I found 14 needed quieting because the little round
pads that came with the doors do not stay in place. The adhesive never
dries, allowing the pads to keep moving around until they no longer
serve their purpose.

I took some non-slip material (usually used to keep dishes from
sliding around) and cut some strips about inch wide. By tapping on each
door with my fingers, I found which ones were rattling. I then inserted
about inch of the end of the non-slip material between the door and the
cabinet, and by tapping and moving the non-slip around, I found the
best location to stop the rattle. I fastened a small square of nonslip
with a dab of clear silicone adhesive at that point.

Things have quieted down now to the point that I can even hear my tendonitus!

Luther Struve, Pocatello, Idaho


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