End the Battery Drain Game

Red marine-style cutoff switch in motorhome

After many dead engine battery episodes on my motorhome, I installed a marine-style cutoff switch in the storage area  adjacent to the battery compartment. Putting the cutoff switch in the storage compartment makes for convenient access. I close and lock the RV door, let the steps retract, and then turn the cutoff switch and close and lock the compartment – reversing the procedure when it’s time to get it out. I had a service center run the hot wire from the battery to the cutoff switch, and then up to the engine. You must put the cutoff switch on the hot wire to get complete cutoff. This is so much easier than finding all the parasite battery drains! Oh, don’t forget to also engage the coach battery cutoff, if so equipped.

– Jon Grunzweig | Mission Viejo, Calif.

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  1. Since my motorhome is connected to shore power while parked at home, I use a battery maintainer to keep the engine battery charged. The converter keeps the coach batteries charged.

  2. I installed battery switches right on the batteries under the hood of my class c. Anytime I park it in storage I open the hood and turn the batteries off before I leave. I found the battery switches at Auto Zone.


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