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Mark My Words – June: Tires, Generators, and Fussy Propane Tanks

Hi folks! Hope you’re getting your RVing ready for a summer of fun! We’ll talk about tires, generators, and fussy propane tanks this month. Remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected] Hi, Mark We have a dual tank, automatic switching regulator on our travel trailer.   It is only a few years old but it

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Mark My Words: February – Tires, Batteries, Brakes and Bears!

Hi, everyone! I hope your New Year is progressing well! As the weather starts to warm up a little here in East Texas, I’m thinking about the upcoming RV season. I hope you are, too! This month, we’ll talk about tires, batteries, lifestyle concerns, brakes and bears! Remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected] Mark,

Air Vs. Nitrogen in RV Tires

RV tires come in various sizes, profiles, wall ply quantity, and rated pressure/load capacities.  All of these rely on compressed air, or like gas, to operate.  Much of the performance and life is dependent on that internal pressure being correct for the vehicle’s weight and that it is maintained. Well, as we all have probably

RV Tech-Tip: Tire Monitor

One of the most critical items on your RV is what supports it: the tires.  It is very important that they are correctly sized, properly rated, aired up with the required pressure, and in good general condition.  These things usually can be observed visually, except the air pressure.  For this, you will need to use a