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Stay cool this summer with the new Furrion Chill rooftop air conditioner

Furrion, a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the specialty-vehicle market, launched the Furrion Chill air-conditioning series. This revolutionary line offers consumers unsurpassed cooling performance combined with high-energy efficiency to keep everyone cool this summer. The series is comprised of a rooftop air-conditioner unit, a slim air-distribution box and a smart thermostat capable of controlling multizones throughout the RV.

Airstream trailer being towed by SUV in desert backcountry setting“RV travel peaks during the summer, and our new Furrion Chill line ensures everyone will stay cool despite the heat,” said Matt Fidler, cofounder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “We designed and tested the system repeatedly until we were certain it was the best solution on the market. In testing, the Furrion Chill cools down faster and is quieter than competitor models, and its sleek aerodynamic design is actually nice to look at rather than the standard huge boxes you see on the road today.”

The Furrion Chill rooftop unit comes in three capacity models available in stylish jet black or white finish to blend in with the RV exterior. Offering superior cooling performance, the Furrion Chill utilizes dual fans to run more efficiently, cool down the RV faster and reduce operating noise so you barely know it is on. The air filters are able to be cleaned or replaced based on user preference. Careful consideration was put into the design to ensure easy installation and the ability to upgrade existing standard A/C systems to a Furrion Chill system. These units are designed to fit both ducted and non-ducted cooling systems.

The aerodynamic design features a UV coating to protect it from fading, and base and rear grilles to expel the hot air. Like most Furrion products designed for recreation, the Furrion Chill features Vibrationsmart technology that allows it to withstand the vibration from a traveling RV so the performance is never compromised. Furrion’s proprietary Climatesmart technology protects the unit in the winter months, protecting the components in extreme temperatures even down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

FURRION CHILL ROOFTOP AIR CONDITIONERThe Furrion Chill pairs with a single-zone or multizone Furrion Chill thermostat. Both offer a sleek, compact design with an intuitive touch display. The digital LCD display features a blue backlight, rather than the traditional white, because blue is easier to read at night and is easier on the eyes. They offer temperature control for the A/C, heat and control the fan for air circulation. Advanced features, including auto fan operation, auto restart and sleep mode, allow the consumer to tailor the output to their individual needs. The multizone Furrion Chill gives consumers the freedom to program the thermostat with two programmable timers and can control up to four zones.

The Furrion Chill system is complete with the air-distribution box. Ultra-thin, these boxes are easily mounted and blend into the ceiling. They are compatible with the the single-zone or multizone Furrion Chill thermostat. They offer two-way airflow for more circulation efficiency and are compatible with both ducted and non-ducted RVs. The detachable filter is easy to clean and pop back in, reducing waste.

Furrion, www.furrion.com


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