Roadtrek’s New E-Trek Focuses On Technology

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A new Class B motorhome from Roadtrek is in production, with technological advancements and environmentally-friendly improvements at the forefront.

The RS E-Trek, according to a press release, is built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis and incorporates the latest technology into Roadtrek’s best-selling RS platform. Using the company’s latest approach to design, Roadtrek said the van provides campers with world-class features, comfort and style.

“Roadtrek’s design incorporates technology that will give the owner greater ability to be independent, have full capability to dry camp for extended periods, all while being environmentally conscious,” said Jim Hammill, Roadtrek’s president. “There has never been an RV like this, and we are extremely pleased to offer this new product.”

The E-Trek was built using e-certified materials that are manufactured using high levels of recycled content.

“The introduction of this model is industry leading, environmentally responsible, all electric, all with no loss of functionality,” Hammill said. “This unit requires no compromise, as the owner can do everything to utilize the benefits, with less friction, and not be required to be an RV expert.”

The new E-Trek includes the following features:

– Mercedes Sprinter Van (170-inch wheelbase) with Bluetec technology and bio-diesel fuel capability

– Propane-free operation

– New interior styling, including captains seats in second row

– New exterior styling, full-body paint, tone-on-tone colors

– 250-watt solar charging

– EFOY fuel cell generator option

– Engine generation using additional engine generator/alternator

– 2,500-watt inverter

– Surge protection and power monitoring

– Optional lithium ion batteries

Roadtrek, based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, has begun manufacturing the E-Trek and is taking orders through its dealer network. Photos and prices are forthcoming.



  1. I applaud Jeff Hanemaayer and RoadTrek for having the guts to lead the market with a more eco-conscious RV design that’s still within the comfort zone of the RV consumer, and takes advantage of many new technologies that other US RV builders have been hesitant to apply, unlike European RV builders. However, it’s a bit of greenwashing to claim biodiesel capability for the Sprinter engine – Mercedes only allows use of B5 (5% biodiesel), which is mandated in many US states as the blend for regular diesel now anyway. If it was B100 (100% biodiesel)-capable, that’d be another story.


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