Trailer Life Books Issues Directory for Ease in Traveling Interstates

The new 2010 edition of “Exit Now – Interstate Exit Directory,” a spiral-bound, easy-to-use co-pilot by Trailer Life Books, will tell you exactly what’s at every exit on every U.S. interstate.

“Exit Now” includes more than 600 pages of color-coded listings and information to help road warriors locate service amenities among familiar and unfamiliar highway territory. Travel centers, retail outlets, restaurants, fuel stations and lodging are listed for each exit, off the U.S. interstate system. Hospitals, pharmacies, veterinarians, the Highway Patrol and other emergency services are also clearly identified to keep you healthy and safe while on the road.

It even includes critical driver alerts – ideal for RVers – telling you about steep grades, highways converging together, sections of interstate where there’s a long distance between gas stations, and sometimes-dangerous left exits.

“Exit Now” conveniently arranges each off-ramp by interstate – not by state – so travelers don’t have to flip pages when crossing state lines.

Having a copy of “Exit Now” on your next trip will reveal new places and hidden gems that only locals know about – a hidden campground, quaint family restaurants, breathtaking parks and monuments. You can stop along a “familiar” trail and no longer have the fear of the unknown as you travel in “unfamiliar” territory.

To order your copy of the newly revised 2010 edition of “Exit Now,” visit the Travel Store at or dial 888-557-3743.


  1. We own the Exit book, it does help in some ways as we travel in a motorhome south for the winter, what are problem is, with the motorhome being so long we often exit only to find the stations don’t have room for us to gas up. We have a gas motorhome, what would be nice is if you could list in the book the stations that have gas fill up in the back where the trucks fuel up or the stations that have enough room in the front, we tow a car behind so when we pull in and don’t have enough room we have to unhook the car in order to get turned around. Thank you for listenin. Joan


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