How to Choose an Adventure Vacation

According to Fodor’s Travel Publications, half of all American adults took an adventure
vacation within the past five years.

Would you like to join them?

If you’re looking for
something more exciting than sightseeing on your next RV trip, this book may hold the
answer. In just under 300 pages, Fodor’s How to Choose an Adventure Vacation provides what
novices need to know about 20 outdoor adventures.

The book is a compilation of basic
information written by experts in their fields. Each chapter focuses on an outdoor
activity, such as archaeological digging, birding, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, hang
gliding, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, river rafting and scuba diving. Topics
covered for each sport include the specific activities that are involved, the locations and
conditions to expect, required skills, average costs and the types of accommodations.
Schools for beginners are listed for fly-fishing, golfing, sailing, skiing, surfing and
windsurfing. Also provided are helpful sources for additional information, such as
organizations, publications and Web sites. It is impressive how much information is packed
into this handy little paperback. Whatever type of outdoor adventure you’re considering, it
is probably covered here. The best part is that the book introduces the novice to each of
these adventures, and allows the reader to pick the level of participation that is right
for him or her.

How to Choose an Adventure Vacation ($9.95) is available at bookstores or
from Fodor’s Travel Publications, (212) 572-8784,


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