Ghost-Town Guides

Ghost Town Guides

Being on the road doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the spooky spirit of Halloween. Whether or not trick-or-treaters are knocking on your trailer door, visiting some of the Southwest’s most interesting ghost towns will remind you that it’s that time of year when the ghosts, ghouls and goblins come out to play. “Ghost Towns of the Southwest,” by Jim Hinckley, and “Ghost Towns of the Mountain West,” by Philip Varney, are two beautifully illustrated guidebooks – with maps and scenic photography – to the ghost towns of the Old West.

Visit the ruins of Anasazi cities, the dilapidated buildings of once booming mining towns and the outpost villages of travelers on their way to the promise of California gold. Don’t miss the “When You Go” tips at the end of every section, which offer useful driving information so you can spend less time getting lost and more time catching a glimpse into the past of the Wild West. For more information, visit – Meaghan Alfier 



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