Which Areas Have the Worst Roads?

TRIP, a national transportation research group, found that among large
urban regions, the areas with the greatest share of major roads and
highways in poor condition are as follows: San Jose, Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Kansas City, New Orleans, San Diego, Sacramento, St. Louis,
Omaha and New York City.

TRIP found that a quarter of the nation’s major metropolitan
roads — interstates, freeways and other routes — have pavement in poor
condition. Of the California cities on the worst-10 list, half to
two-thirds of them are poor. Rough roads cause vehicle deterioration and
increase fuel consumption. TRIP predicts that road conditions are
likely to worsen given current trends.

A U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) report indicated that
through 2022, our nation will come up short on repairs by $138 billion.
Simply maintaining roads in their current condition will call for
raising funding by 40 percent. It would require a 73 percent increase to
significantly improve road conditions.


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