RVtoday Announces New Co-host

Tracy Lehr, the weekend anchor at Santa Barbara, California, TV station
KEYT, will appear as the co-host on cable TV’s RVtoday program this
year, according to Bob Livingston, RVtoday’s executive director.

“Tracy is a perfect match for RVtoday,” Livingston said. “Her
love of travel and on-air experience are strong assets to our

Lehr, who has run in five marathons, skydived and scuba-dived, said “RVing is the next big adventure for me.”

The seven-day-a-week award-winning RVtoday show, which airs on
the Outdoor Life Network, captures the fun and adventure of the RV
lifestyle. For a schedule of show topics and for more information, visit www.rvtoday.tv.


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