RV Shipments Grow 5 Percent to Start Year

January 2012 RV Shipments sheet

According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s January survey of manufacturers, RV wholesale shipments to retailers were reported at 18,700 units, a 5.1 percent increase over the total shipped during the same month last year.

Truck campers and Class B motorhomes were ahead on smaller volumes, while the larger gain was in conventional travel trailer shipments. The 18,700 units represent the best January total recorded since 2008.

Accounting sheet of Recreation Vehicle Shipments in January 2012


  1. Tom, thanks for rashing your observations! I would agree that the steady increase in rail freight utilization is a positive signal. Your camping observations bring up a couple of items to ponder. The first point is that there are any number of economic measures or indicators that we can review. Almost always, these indicators have some inconsistency, so deciding the weights to apply to each is a challenging task that results in almost every economist and casual observer having a different outlook for the economy.The second point is that the recovery appears to be regional and our observations may lend some credit to that notion. You are continuing to see high visitor counts in your region. One of the local places I enjoy visiting appears to be reatining their historical visitor counts. The park I stayed in in Colorado, was one of the places that appears to be seeing a decline in visits. What was missing in the park I resided in for a week was the out of state visitors (the in-state visitor count appeared to be about the same as in the past).Our sample now has two observations only a few hundred more before we approach statistical significance!


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