Recall: Cummins ISL CM850 Diesel Engine

Monaco is recalling 747 model year 2006-2007 Camelot, Diplomat, Dynasty,
Holiday Rambler Endeavor, Specter, Imperial; model year 2006 Monaco
Windsor; model year 2007 Beaver Contessa motorhomes built with Cummins
ISL CM850 diesel engines.

Freightliner is recalling 642 model year 2007 XC-R and XC-F motorhomes built with Cummins ISL CM850 diesel engines.

Western Recreational is recalling 58 model year 2006-2007
Alpine and Apex motor coaches built with Cummins ISL CM850 diesel

All of the above models may have connecting-rod machining
defects in the wrist pin bushing of the rod that could cause a seizure
of the piston pin. If allowed to progress, this can lead to engine
failure with the possibility of the rod rupturing the lock cavity
spilling oil and debris onto the roadway, increasing the risk of a
crash. Freightliner is working with Cummins to recalibrate the engine
control module and enhance the engine protection system, enabling it to
provide early detection of the failure mode and avoid more serious
engine damage and resultant safety hazard. Cummins will also install a
new valve cover with a crankcase pressure sensor.


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