National RV Holdings Closes Doors

National RV Holdings Inc. shuttered its Perris, California, headquarters and factory on
November 30, 2007, and permanently furloughed all of the company’s 600 employees. National RV Inc., which manufactured Class A motorhomes under the names Dolphin, Pacifica, Sea Breeze, Surf Side, Tradewinds and Tropi-Cal, lost more than $80 million in the last five years and its stock was removed recently from the NYSE.

National’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Dave Humphreys announced: “We are saddened to let go of our excellent employees, especially so close to the holidays, and even more so because National’s motorhomes have never been better than they are today.”


  1. I an considering buying a 2003 Dolphin motor home manufactured by National RV and exporting to Canada. I need address or phone number of the organization that deals with these unit to obtain a statement that there are no outstanding recalls.

    • I just bought a 2002 Dolphin 5356 from the original owner in Riverside, CA, just a few miles up the road from the old factory in Perris, CA where National used to manufacture MH’s). While I’m a little concerned that the company is no longer in business, I feel I got a great bargain purchasing this MH, and with the proper care, most of the mechanical parts can be found at RV parts suppliers.

      It’s in excellent condition and the white paint and decals are in great shape (not faded or cracked), and the interior is very clean. It has the Workhorse chassis with the 8.1L GM motor and Allison transmission with only 20,192 miles on it and the owner put new 6 new truck tires on it (covers included). I’ll be doing the usual PM to it, like changing the oil and filters in the engine, (maybe the transmission), and the generator. Plus I’ll be doing a (bleach mix) flush of the fresh water tank.

      The seller is throwing-in a bunch of slightly used things, like a propane Coleman tailgating grill, outdoor mats, Eddie Bauer fold-out chairs, kitchen plates/cups/pots &pans/utensils, and a couple brand new sleeping bags (never used).

      If the RV has been taken care of, and everything was checked and in working-order, I say go for it..!!

      It looks like the stove and the microwave/convection oven (combo) have never been used. So far, there are only a few things that need fixing. Since it has been sitting at a covered storage facility the MH needs a good cleaning (dusty on the inside) and the roof needs a scrubbing. The 2 house batteries are dead and need replacing, but the owner just installed a brand new vehicle battery. There’s a padded trim on one of the dining table benches that needs to be re-attached (knocked off at some point by owner’s son). The master bedroom has a small drawer on the far side of the bed that is broken with the hardware and pieces to fix it are under the bed.

      • Hi.. I am looking at a 2004 National 37 with 3 slides. Since the Virus prices of used has gone up considerable which I’m assuming you noticed also. You said you got a good deal and I was just curious before I plop down a chunk of cash what you might have paid for yours?

  2. @Jerry – the company is defunct. Gone. Dust in the wind. Any information still out there in manufacturing records (if records still exist from it) would be irrelevant after the 2007 door close if any defects were found after that for that 2003 model. It’s like buying an old Zenith tube TV originally sold by Montgomery Ward in 1983 wanting to find out if there were any safety recalls for it. You are on your own. Good luck.

  3. Hi, I just recently acquired a 1988 national dolphin 3140. I was wondering if by anyone can point me in the right direction For a service manual. Need some electrical work done and I’m in need of some wiring diagrams. Thanks for your time.

    • Joe I just received a 1989 Dolphin model 3140 I have the owners operation and maintenance manual. It has all of the wiring diagrams which are the same for your 1988 model 3140

  4. If you need manuals, wiring and plumbing diagrams join Facebook National RV Motorhome group. Lots of info for download in the files tab of that group.

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