GPI Converts Trash Into Diesel Fuel

Green Power Inc. recently demonstrated its new method of turning
everyday landfill waste into diesel fuel through a process called
Catalytic Depolymerization. The demonstration took place in Fife,
Washington, and was witnessed by approximately 200 onlookers, including
various government officials and oil-refinery executives.

Green Power’s mobile demonstration unit, mounted on a
tractor-trailer rig, will continue to be on the road this fall, visiting
cities across the country. The mobile demonstration unit is a miniature
version of a much larger, permanent plant.

According to Green Power, the plant will yield high-grade
diesel fuel with zero pollution, at a cost estimated at $0.52 to $0.58
per gallon.

The first plant is scheduled to open next year on tribal land
near Tacoma, Washington. A second plant will be located in Montana.
Green Power Inc. ( hopes to have 1,500 operational plants across the country.


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