Georgie Boy Cruise Master Returns

The Cruise Master is back, and it’s riding on a new chassis. Georgie Boy
Manufacturing has refreshed its well-known Cruise Master motorhome line
with the Workhorse UFO chassis, powered by GM’s Vortec 8.1L V-8 rear
gasoline engine. In doing so, Georgie Boy takes advantage of a platform
that is known for its ride, handling and cockpit quietness.

This model features expansive pass-through storage and a
full-wall slideout. The UFO platform’s flat floor allows designers more
leeway in positioning furniture and amenities. According to the
manufacturer, the coach’s 22.5-inch wheels and cockpit door entrance
give this 40-footer the look of a diesel-pusher.

Cruise Master also takes advantage of the benefits of the
gasoline engine — namely, availability of fuel; a less costly engine to
maintain; and lower cost of the chassis compared to a diesel platform.
Because of the UFO platform’s capacity — a 26,000-pound gross vehicle
weight rating (gvwr) — designers can incorporate many high-end features
into this coach. The 2008 Cruise Master sports a 32-inch LCD TV, large
double-door refrigerator and fully automatic hydraulic leveling jacks.


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