Fuel Prices Continue Decline

Gasoline prices continue to drop, with the total decline in the
nationwide average to more than 10% since mid-July. The price of regular
unleaded gasoline fell to $3.672 a gallon, according to AAA and the Oil
Price Information Service. Gas prices have dropped more than 44 cents
since hitting an average high of $4.114 a gallon on July 17th. Prices
remain the highest in Alaska, at $4.577 a gallon, followed by Hawaii, at
$4.399. The lowest gas prices continued to be in Missouri, at $3.427 a
gallon. Despite the nationwide gas price having fallen for more than a
month, prices remain more than 90 cents above where they were 12 months

Diesel fell to $4.283 and prices have also fallen since July,
but remain more than $1.36 higher than they were a year ago. Diesel
prices were most expensive in Hawaii at $5.306 a gallon and Alaska at
$5.149. Prices were cheapest in Missouri at $4.029 a gallon.


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