Freightliner Brings M-B Diesel to Class A’s

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) is using its “family
ties” to bring the highly regarded Mercedes-Benz MBE 926 diesel engine
to the RV industry. As a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler company
Freightliner LLC, FCCC is the only chassis supplier able to offer the
M-B diesel to Class A motorhome owners.

The 7.2-l, six-cylinder engine is considered a medium-duty
diesel, rated at 330 hp @ 2,200 rpm and capable of generating 1,000
lb-ft of torque. Said to offer excellent fuel economy and long service
intervals, the engine will be offered in Freightliner’s XC chassis.

“The interest in this new diesel has [already] reached
groundswell proportions,” said Dean Schaper, director of sales and
marketing for FCCC, “with many premium diesel motorhome manufacturers
designing their 2006 product offerings around the MBE 926 engine.”


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