Flat-Towable Toyota Yaris Boasts 40 MPG

Toyota YarisThe new fuel-efficient Toyota Yaris (40 mpg), certified flat-towable with manual transmission, was one of six gas-only vehicles to make the U.S. government’s Top 10 fuel economy list for 2007. The Yaris was joined on the list by another gas-powered Toyota, the manual transmission-equipped Corolla (41 mpg).

Other dinghy-suitable fuel-sippers on the list included the
manual-transmission version of the Hyundai Accent (35 mpg) and the FWD
Ford Escape Hybrid (36 mpg).

The flat-towable Ford Ranger 2WD (29 mpg) was deemed the most
fuel-efficient pickup, while the dinghy-safe Hyundai Sonata (with manual
transmission) topped the “large car” list (34 mpg).


  1. Getting a lot of conflicting info about flat towing a 2019 toyota yaris a dealer said that no Toyota can be flat towed which isn’t true and if the 2019 is manual transmission and front wheel drive it should b able to b flat towed following the Instructions is this correct

    • Hi Faith,
      It recently came to our attention that the information in our 2019 Guide to Dinghy Towing on the Toyota Yaris is incorrect; the sedan is not flat towable. We were using information provided in the Yaris owner’s manual; however, multiple versions of owner’s manuals and mid-year engineering changes do occur. This is why we always advise readers to check the owner’s manual in the vehicle that they intend to purchase to confirm that that specific vehicle is approved for flat towing. We have updated our online 2019 Guide to Dinghy Towing and MotorHome apologizes for any confusion.

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