Aqua-Hot Intros Remanufacturing Program

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Aqua-Hot Heating Systems has introduced a new program covering many of its Aqua-Hot and Hydro-Hot products that were manufactured over the past 30 years.  Motorhome owners can now have their Aqua-Hot units remanufactured with improved technology, at a cost significantly lower than a new system. Aside from the cost savings, remanufacturing utilizes the existing connections and controls, making reinstallation easier and faster. During the new process:

  • The remanufactured Aqua-Hot system is given a new serial number. It includes many replacement components, such as the tank and cabinet. The new tank is equipped with a low-emission burn chamber, reducing emissions by eliminating up to 80 percent of total hydrocarbons. This provides a smoke- and odor-free environment for motorhome owners and their neighbors.
  • The burner is rebuilt. An improved temperature tempering valve and internal coil improve heat transfer, providing enhanced hot-water performance.
  • All other components are checked for functionality. The remanufactured units are zero-pressure systems that use safer propylene glycol.
  • Once completed, the units are thoroughly tested and inspected for all operations.
  • A new one-year Aqua-Hot Heating Systems factory warranty is included.

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