Xantrex Freedom SW Inverter/Charger Delivers Plenty of Power

Xantrex Freedome SW Inverter/Charger

Xantrex’s second-generation Freedom SW inverter/charger, rated at 2,000 watts, has been redesigned to include many features from its higher-power counterpart.

The new iteration now offers stacking capability, allowing two units to work in tandem and produce rated current and charging output, allowing owners to operate higher-power accessories and appliances – and the provide more optimum for charging larger battery banks.
According to the company, additional enhancements include Generator Support Mode that enables the device to automatically supplement a generator when the AC loads exceed the auxiliary powerplant’s capacity, improved AC transfer/input detection time, higher efficiency and full output at higher temperatures.

Retail price is $1,700. Xantrex, 800-670-0707, www.xantrex.com.


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