Wireless Awning Control

Smart Phone

Awning Control? There’s an app for that. The new Carefree Connects awning control system uses a key fob and/or the Carefree Mobile app on a smart device. The upgrade works with all 12-volt DC Carefree awnings. A control module placed inside the motorhome receives remote signals from the Carefree Bluetooth app (or remote fob) to activate awning extension, retraction and LED lighting. The system can even adjust the sensitivity of the wind sensor via the Carefree app. MSRP varies depending on functionality. An upgrade kit with the key fob (but without the motion sensor) is $89.99. An upgrade kit with the motion sensor but no key fob is $99. The key fob is available as a stand-alone for $24.99.

Carefree of Colorado | www.carefreeofcolorado.com



  1. Hi there,

    Im a food truck and looking for an awning.

    Can you recommend me a supplier in San Antonio area?



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