Wheels & Gear: Wireless Tire Monitoring


Minder Research Inc. has introduced two wireless systems to monitor tire pressure.

The TMG400C and TMG500HD TPMS systems for motorhomes are designed to continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature, and offer both visual and audible warnings if a tire’s pressure drops or if tire temperature exceeds 167 degrees Fahrenheit (a blowout warning). Drivers can easily monitor the motorhome and dinghy tires.

According to the company, the TMG400C has a pressure range of 0 to 145 psi and includes four screw-on pressure/temperat2ure transmitters with replaceable lithium batteries (eight are included). The TMG500HD is said to have a pressure range of 0 to 233 psi, and includes six permanently sealed screw-on transmitters with a five-year minimum life expectancy.

Both systems include an easy-to-read monitor; heavy-duty, multi-angle bracket; transmitters; 12/24-volt car charger; anti-theft locks; and a one-year warranty.

The TMG400C (with four transmitters) sells for $299; and the TMG500HD (with six transmitters) retails for $599.

Minder Research Inc., 772-463-6522, www.minderresearch.com.


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