Water Watcher

Topargee Water Tank Gauge

Anyone who has ever camped without hookups knows that keeping track of exactly how much fresh water is in your motorhome’s tank is an important task. Running out of water can bring the good times to a standstill, leading you on a quest to find the wet stuff. To help boondockers know their rig’s freshwater level, Topargee RV Levelling Systems introduces the H2Flow H2F-FM water tank gauge. The new model, which now features a larger, backlit display, actually shows users the number of gallons remaining in the tank, rather than the traditional full/half/empty readout, making it easier for RVers to calculate their water usage and to better plan out their water needs. The unit is fitted most anywhere in the motorhome’s water line between the tank and faucets and counts down the gallons used based on a preset amount. The display lights up any time water flows through the sensor, and beeps when the capacity reaches zero. MSRP: $129.

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