Unique Outdoor Carpet Invention for RVs

Outdoor RV Carpet Holder

Storing an outdoor carpet in an RV with limited space can be a challenge. It was this line of thinking that prompted an inventor from Washington to design a motorized carpet-storage unit that makes it easy to use carpeting at the entrance to an RV or alongside the length of the vehicle.

  The unit mounts on the rear undercarriage of the RV (or it can be designed to be installed in a cubby hole) and utilizes a motor to push the roll of carpet out when you’re ready to use it and to spread it out under the door to the RV. When the carpet is retracted, a roller brush sweeps dirt and debris from the surface. The device can be operated by the user via controls, and would be available in a variety of sizes to suit different types of RVs. For more information on the Outdoor Carpet Holder or if you have an idea to make RVing better, call (800) 851-6030 or visit InventHelp at www.inventhelp.com.



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