The Closest Thing to Not Wearing Shoes

Unless you’re a podiatrist, you likely don’t know that 33 joints exist in each of your feet. These joints work in conjunction with 26 bones and 20 muscles to allow us to walk properly. And yet most of us undo much of nature’s magic by wearing thick-soled, rigid shoes.


Certainly walking barefoot presents a host of problems also, particularly around a campsite. Yet we can regain strength, improve balance and increase agility by putting on a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes. They take a few minutes to get used to (Vibram FiveFingers look kind of like socks with thin soles made of rubber), but prove to be far more versatile than flip-flops and may be the ultimate camping shoe. Once you adjust to your new foot friends, you’ll be eager to tackle the hiking and biking trails.


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