T-Rex Tape

T-Rex Tapes

Every motorhome owner’s toolbox should have some type of fabric tape for everyday repairs. Such tape is ideal for temporary fixes (and some that are a little more than temporary), and its uses are almost endless. ShurTech has rolled out T-Rex Tape, which is formulated with durable materials to hold longer and stronger than other brands, according to the company. T-Rex Tape is comprised of three layers: a UV-resistant polyethylene skin; an interwoven fabric scrim that provides strength while still being able to be torn by hand; and a double-thick adhesive designed to be effective even on rough and dirty surfaces. T-Rex Tape is available in gunmetal gray, black and white, in rolls that are nearly 2 inches wide and vary in lengths from 12 to 35 yards. MSRP ranges from $5-$15, depending on the size and color of the roll.

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