Stop the movement

Stabi-Lite automatic electric motorhome stabilizing system


Equalizer Systems Inc. has introduced its Stabi-Lite automatic electric motorhome stabilizing system to the retail aftermarket. Designed for Class C and B motor-homes that experience noticeable movement when RVers walk around inside with the slideout extended, the Stabi-Lite system provides a solid, level platform through a single-touch, automatic system. Equalizer says the Stabi-Lite is an ideal aftermarket application for lighter Ford, Chevrolet and Sprinter chassis, and at less than 80 pounds, the system itself doesn’t add much weight.

Installation is meant to be simple, with a chassis-specific, clamp-style mount that requires no welding or drilling. The company says someone with basic mechanical skills should be able to install the Stabi-Lite in about two hours. MSRP is $825 and the Stabi-Lite system can be purchased online from Equalizer.

Equalizer Systems Inc. | 800-846-9659



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