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N∙Command TPMS (NCTP100) with Bluetooth technology and waterproof sensors


ASA Electronics is expanding its line of iN∙Command products with a new tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The iN∙Command TPMS (NCTP100) uses Bluetooth technology and waterproof sensors to monitor tire pressure and temperature in real time. The sensors can be paired with the specialized iN∙Command TPMS app, available for Android and Apple devices, to monitor up to 22 tires simultaneously. The base system includes four waterproof sensors, a Bluetooth repeater, four anti-theft locking nuts and a special wrench needed to unlock the nuts. The repeater extends the Bluetooth signal for longer vehicle applications (such as with motorhomes and/or dinghy vehicles). Two-sensor systems with anti-theft bolts and locking wrench are also available (repeater not included). The iN∙Command TPMS can also be used independently of an iN∙Command Control System. MSRP: $299.99 for four-sensor base system; $124.99 for two-sensor add-on.
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