Fan-Tastic Vent 7350

The powerful yet compact Dometic Fan-Tastic Vent model 7350 provides you with the airflow inside your motorhome that you desire. The 7350 has 14 automatic variable speeds as well as a simple reverse switch that changes the direction of the fan blades, drawing air in or out of the vehicle. A manual knob also allows for closing the dome in case of power loss or remote camping. In addition, the 7350 comes with a rain sensor that automatically closes the dome when wet, as well as a built-in thermostat to help maintain the desired temperature. Fitting a standard roof opening of 14 inches by 14 inches, the 7350 makes for an easy addition to your motorhome. MSRP: $338.80.
Dometic | 800-544-4881,


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