PulseTech Solar Panels Save Your RV Batteries


To help keep batteries from discharging when in storage, PulseTech Products introduces its SolarPulse Temporary Solar Charger Maintainer for 12-volt batteries. The new SP-5 OTR 5-watt system utilizes a simple, temporary plug-in, making it easy to use when needed. The SP-5 OTR harnesses the power of the sun to reverse the normal loss of battery power, sulfation buildup and parasitic draw on 12-volt batteries, and the company claims the SP-5 OTR is so efficient it typically requires only a couple of hours of sunlight to maintain the connected battery. The easy-to-use OTR attaches to the vehicle’s exterior with four suction cups and plugs directly into the OBD connector for power. Half the size of comparable solar chargers, the SP-5 OTR has the ability to maintain up to four 12-volt batteries connected in parallel and works with all types of batteries, including conventional, flooded, gel, AGM and VRLA types. MSRP: $249.99.

PulseTech Products Corp.
800-580-7554 | www.pulsetech.net



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