Shurhold Upgrades Final Polish Pad


Peridiocally waxing your motorhome not only helps it look great, but also helps extend the life of its skin. Shurhold helps make the waxing process even easier with its popular Brite Bonnet PRO Final Polish Pad. Designed to work with the company’s Dual Action Polisher Pro and Rotary Pro, the Brite Bonnet PRO Final Polish Pad is a durable microfiber pad designed to quickly buff off excess wax and restore the motorhome’s showroom-like shine. The cords on the pad help get into the tightest crevices and work with the machine to apply consistent pressure for a deep and even shine. Sturdy hook-and-loop backing helps keep the pad in place.
The Brite Bonnet PRO Final Polish Pad sells for $11.98; polishers start at $149.99.
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