RVminders: Steering Wheel Reminders

RVminders magnet RV reminders on steering wheel

Motorhome owners have plenty to think about when preparing to leave the campground: Did I put the TV antenna down? Are the slideouts locked? What about the dinghy vehicle? That’s where RVminders come in. These slap-on reminders wrap around the coach steering wheel and call attention to tasks that must be completed before safely traveling down the road. Each RVminders set includes 10 reminders; two of them are blank so RVers can customize them to their needs. The other eight remind RVers about the TV/satellite antenna, dinghy, slide locks, hookups, steps/ladder, doors/vents/windows and compartment locks.

One set of RVminders is $18, or two sets for $30. RVminders are available at Camping World and at www.rvminders.com.

RVminders, www.rvminders.com


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