Roadmaster FitMaster app

The new FitMaster app answers one of the most common questions among motorhome owners – “What equipment do I need to tow a dinghy vehicle?”

Roadmaster’s website can help you determine what to buy with its new FitMaster function. FitMaster offers a visual representation of all towing components in a user-friendly format, including part numbers from the company’s extensive product line. And, Roadmaster says, it also provides information to the technicians installing the equipment, including wiring and lighting diagrams, and procedures. Roadmaster also claims FitMaster eliminates any surprises about necessary hardware that often pop up during installation due to the website’s “comprehensive list of what you need to tow, right from the get-go.” The list of components is based on vehicles the company has actually inspected – and outfitted – in its factory. To access FitMaster, log on to and select the “FitMaster” tab.

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