Q-Knot: Fit to be Tied

Red, yellow and green Q Knots

Organization and clutter containment are key for motor­home owners as they make the most of limited space and aim for ease in loading and unloading cargo. Systemize storage and keep cords in check with Q Knot, a new product from UT Wire, a manufacturer of cord organizing systems. These colorful, reusable multipurpose ties help maintain order with a self-locking design that is stretchable and flexible to bundle multiple objects safely and effectively, according to the company.

The Q Knot has built-in, non-slip gripping teeth to provide a secure hold that’s also easy to release and retie. The Q Knot Original comes in colorful primary colors, while the Q Knot Pro, with its slanted triangular teeth for a hard grip for heavy-duty tasks, is available in neutral colors. The Q Knot Original, sold in packages of 12 (MSRP $5.99) and 25 (MSRP $8.99), and the Q Knot Pro, also in packages of 12 (MSRP $6.50) and 25 (MSRP $9.98), can be found at home improvement stores nationwide.

UT Wire, 877-838-2040, www.ut-wire.com.


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