Peace of Mind: Universal Brake Monitor and Switch

Roadmaster Brake Monitor kit

One of the biggest concerns a motorhome owner has while towing is the state of the dinghy vehicle’s brakes. Are they even being applied? Or, are they being applied continuously, causing drag and excessive brake/tire wear? Roadmaster’s new Universal Wireless Brake Monitor and Switch System helps motorhome owners keep tabs on the dinghy vehicle’s auxiliary brake system. The system features a brake signal receiver that plugs into the motorhome’s 12-volt DC outlet, a dinghy-mounted transmitter that requires only positive/negative/brake signal leads, and a 12-volt-DC-powered infrared stop light switch that attaches to the dinghy’s brake-pedal arm with 3M tape and nylon cable ties. The switch measures the distance between the floorboard and brake pedal using a cone of light, and when the brake pedal moves, it sends a signal to the receiver in the motorhome, alerting the driver of its function. Included are low-battery, extended-braking (drag) and breakaway alerts. MSRP: $282.

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