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WiFi in Motion - MAX mobile router


Staying connected while on the road is more important than ever, as our lives become more intertwined with electronic correspondence and entertainment. With Singlepoint’s Wi-Fi In Motion MAX RV kits, users can create their own Wi-Fi hotspot in the motorhome. Onboard mobile Wi-Fi allows users to enjoy fast wireless broadband speeds without the need to tether to the often unreliable campground system. Plus, your own hotspot means your devices are protected with a private, secure connection. The Wi-Fi In Motion kit includes a rugged router that lets you set bandwidth limits for family members, block harmful online content and surf the web. The kit is customized based on your antenna-mounting needs: magnetic roof-mounted, wired roof mount or window mount. The system is compatible with most major carriers, or users can select the company’s SinglePLAN data plan ($85 per month), which offers the option of being turned off for up to six months per year for a modest $15 monthly suspension fee. MSRP for the kit: $549.

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