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Fusion Surecall RV Kit

To help make sure you receive important (and not-so-important) phone calls, SureCall announces the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV, an in-vehicle cellphone signal booster designed specifically for RVs. Fusion2Go 3.0 RV boosts all North American carrier signals to provide users with reliable voice, text and 4G LTE data. Boosting the existing cellular signals using the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV helps to extend battery life for all devices by offering increased signal strength so the devices aren’t wasting power while acquiring a signal, according to the company. The exterior high-gain omni­directional antenna is designed to capture existing signals from all directions, and no cradle or docking station is required. The kit comes complete with the booster, exterior roof-mounted antenna, interior antenna, 40 feet of coaxial cable, a 12-volt DC power supply and a standard wall-outlet power supply. MSRP: $449.99.

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  1. I just did an install and review of the Fusion2go 3.0 and results were good. The install was not complicated. Mount the exterior antenna, connect it to the booster, power it up, and your good to go.


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