Motorhome Gear: Movie Magic

When it comes to movies, the bigger, the better. The new Cinemood Portable Movie Theater takes it to the next level, providing up to a 12-foot display — and audio — in a small package. Cinemood is a rechargeable ultralight standalone projector housed in a 3-inch cube. It comes preloaded with more than 120 hours of content, including Disney ebooks, cartoons, additional readers and educational videos. But it’s the Cinemood’s ability to stream movies and videos from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube that makes it a must-have for on-the-go cinephiles. Cinemood connects to Wi-Fi and pairs with a smart device, which then acts as the remote control. Once set-up, select a flat surface for image projection, log in to your favorite streaming service, dim the lights and settle in for HD movies on demand. The unit is virtually noiseless, which makes hearing the integrated audio easy, although it is much improved by pairing with a Bluetooth speaker. It also features 16GB of internal memory so you can enjoy personal photos or music, or download a movie and watch offline. MSRP: $399.

Cinemood | 800-350-6107



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