More Features in a Nice Cube

cube-shaped RV-audio JENSEN JWM20 Wall Mount Stereo

ASA Electronics is offering its first-ever cube-shaped RV-audio solution, the JENSEN JWM20 Wall Mount Stereo. The JWM20 features JENSEN’s smallest footprint to date and supports up to four speakers, with the capability of two independent speaker zones to give motorhome owners more control of their audio. The JWM20 supports AM/FM radio, Bluetooth streaming and control as well as MP3 and WMA playback via USB. The front USB port makes it easy to use and power external media devices or to charge (1-amp) phones and tablets. The HDMI input allows for audio from devices like Amazon Fire TV or Roku streaming sticks to play through the stereo’s speakers. The JWM20 also features 30 radio station presets, an alarm clock and a sleep timer. MSRP: $104.55.

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