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Bluetooth Smart DC Power Meter

Monitoring the levels of a motorhome’s battery banks is a critical part of the motorhome lifestyle, especially while boondocking. To make the process easy, Thornwave offers the BT-DCPM power manager/battery monitor that allows for a handy user interface via Bluetooth on the user’s smart device. The BT-DCPM features a battery fuel-gauge function (keeps track of the battery state-of-charge in percentage) and a low-voltage disconnect (if the battery voltage drops below a specified threshold), among other functions. Additional benefits include password protection, at-a-glance battery levels and battery fuel gauge statistics, including discharge in amp-hours and number of full cycles. More functions are being added via firmware upgrades that users can apply from their smart devices over Bluetooth. MSRP: $89.99.

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  1. Since this is our 1st Motorhome I can say with confidence that subscribing to your magazine was the smartest thing I have done.
    I’ve been reading your articles on line while waiting for mine to come in the mail.
    Great magazine and articles!
    Chief Robert Dodd
    USN, Retired


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