Low-Power RV Lights From Davis

Ultra-effecient RV lights with wire
Photographer: Davis
Ultra-effecient lights draw very little power, saving batteries and allowing for other devices to run.

Because of limited battery capacity on RVs when dry camping, minimal power draw is a must. Mega-Lights from Davis Instruments draw a miniscule 0.11 amp of 12V power. Three Mega-Light models offer multiple functions; all feature a bulb that draws just 0.11 amp.

Also included is a brighter bulb for reading or use as an interior light that draws a mere 0.32 amp. Mega-Lights are great for reading and close-work, inspecting an engine, or preparing a campfire meal. The waterproof Fresnel lens projects light all around. A built-in light sensor on the Mega-Light Utility model automatically turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn. The Mega-Light Utility comes with 15 feet of cord and plugs into a 12V lighter socket. Mega-Light Ultimate Cockpit Light features a red and yellow LED controlled by a waterproof push button. Six modes include steady white, red or yellow as well as blinking and alternating flashing red and yellow. A Mega-Light works well for emergencies too.

Prices start at $49.99. Davis Instruments, 510-732-9229; www.Davisnet.com.


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