Loose Steering Solution From SuperSteer

SuperSteer’s Bell Crank Arms

Wondering what causes that loose steering feel when you’re driving your motorhome? If you have a Chevrolet/Workhorse P32 chassis, pressure from the steering gear box gets transmitted through the bell crank/idler arm joint on the driver’s side, which can cause excessive steering play due to premature wear. According to the company, SuperSteer’s Bell Crank Arms are built stronger than the factory part and can handle higher steering forces to improve steering control.

The arms are available for both driver and passenger sides and can be used with the SuperSteer Bell Crank or the stock bell crank. The passenger-side arm features a ball socket and the driver’s side has tapered roller bearings on top and bottom, both adjustable and designed to withstand long-term wear.

SuperSteer, 888-898-3281 ext. 313, www.supersteerparts.com.


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