LavNav Nightlight

LavNav Nightlight

Have you ever stumbled around in the dark in the middle of the night upon entering your motorhome’s lavatory? Or, if you had a night light, did you find it to be too bright and bothersome, not to mention the fact that it was using electricity and occupying a valuable electrical outlet?

Arkon Resources’ solution is the LavNav Nightlight, which it calls smart, energy-efficient lighting that makes the lavatory safe and easy to use at night.

The LavNav night light, which is easily installed underneath the toilet lid, uses an infrared motion sensor powered by two AA batteries. Walk into the lavatory and the gentle yet sufficient light goes on; less than 2 minutes after motion ceases, the light goes off.

Wondering whether the seat is up or down? The LavNav tells you. If the night light glows green, the seat is down; if it’s red, the seat is up.

The LavNav retails for $19.95. For more information, go to Arkon Resources’ Web site.


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