Improve Wi-Fi Reception

Amped Wireless’ High Power Wireless-N 600mW Pro

Wi-Fi service in some RV parks can be frustratingly weak or even unusable. However, a company called Amped Wireless claims to make it possible for RVers to detect Wi-Fi on their laptop by quadrupling the computer’s 
reception capabilities. Amped Wireless’ High Power Wireless-N 600mW Pro is a weatherproof adapter 
designed to extend a computer’s Wi-Fi range in areas where typically no hotspots could be found. The adapter features a 600mW wireless power amplifier, plus a high-gain 
directional antenna that the company says will achieve up to four times the wireless range of standard networking adapters. The adapter comes with a 
26-foot USB cable, a desktop stand, and wall and pole mounting kits. MSRP is $99.
Amped Wireless, 888-573-8830,



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