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Aqua View Showermiser


Aqua View introduces the SHOWERMI$ER, a water-saving system designed to attach to the shower head in an RV and redirect cold water that’s normally wasted (while waiting for the warm water to flow) back into the freshwater tank. The SHOWERMI$ER connects on the nonpressurized side of the freshwater system. You simply remove the shower head, attach the SHOWERMI$ER unit, line up and mark where the return line will be, and then drill only one hole in the shower wall through to the inside wall where the other plumbing is maintained. The return line is tapped into the nonpressurized side of the freshwater system. Once installed, the SHOWERMI$ER shows when the hot water has arrived by using color-changing technology (a pinkish pipe means hot water).

MSRP: Starts at $59.95.

Aqua View Inc. | 714-485-5904 |



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